Blog Interrupted

It’s somehow become March without me knowing it, and more months have passed without me writing anything. My drafts increase yet again with more half-finished entries, and I find myself hitting a block when trying to describe interesting things that have occurred. I’m not sure why this is happening, but having  hesitation when writing terrifies me because it has never happened before, and  it causes a sense of anxiety that makes me avoid my little blog, which makes me incredibly sad. So I am taking a break. I’ve been writing my thoughts online for over a decade in some form or another and I think I need time to make my voice declarative again, instead of this passive, boring thing that it’s become recently. Also, over the past eight years, I’ve gone from freshly scrubbed expat to a citizen. This blog will have to change because I’ve changed. So consider this a temporary goodbye whilst I figure out how to best reflect my new life as a thirty-something citizen, and to regain the writerly passion that has escaped me recently.

Here’s to a new year and a new blog.

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