There is no future in England’s dreaming…


These past few months have been extremely busy, hence all the radio silence. This always seems to happen once it grows cold. I started a fantastic new job in my favourite area of central London, and I was finally able to do the one thing I swore at age 15 that I would do by age 3o: apply for British citizenship. And through years of luck, hard graft and being in the last generation of humane visa policies, I did it! Reader, in five days, I will be a dual citizen! I still don’t really believe it despite finding out before Christmas, so I’ve come across as rather blase about the whole thing. Hopefully it will finally hit me in a way that isn’t completely embarrassing next week, I don’t want to look like a complete fool when pledging allegiance to a monarchy my country (though not my ancestors) fought to rid themselves of, ahem.

So it is a new year and soon I will have a new country to fully call home, complete with a little red passport (I already have passport photos at the ready). I will even get to vote in the upcoming general election this May, my first opportunity to vote in the UK since moving here seven years ago. I will also be a EU citizen, which is almost inconceivable to me. I never thought at the beginning of this blog that this would occur, but here I am (I’ll have to change the header soon). And even though I am still trying to come to grips with pledging allegiance to an institution that I vehemently disagree with on a socio-historical and political basis, I am happy that I will finally be afforded the safety and security and permanence of citizenship. And by claiming Britishness I believe that I can better critique structures that I disagree with, as I am able to do in the US.

So here’s to a new year and new beginnings! Happy new year everyone!

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