Languages and Shifting Populations

I have a continuing interest in the various populations that make London home, and how this transforms areas across the city. My area, so close to Southall, unsurprisingly has a large Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi) population, followed by Polish and Somali. But recently I also noticed that my area has a surprisingly large number of French and American families, which is now being reflected in supermarket chains- in the ‘world food’ aisle there is pumpkin filling, 3 musketeers, mac and cheese and Skippy peanut butter! So it was interesting to be reminded of this old article from last year, detailing the main languages spoken other than English across the city. Some are less surprising than others,  small pockets of north London are orthodox Jewish enclaves, so Yiddish would be widely spoken. In east London in Tower Hamlets, home of ‘Banglatown’, Bangali is widely spoken, bookending London with Asian languages. However, I was unaware that Japanese was a major language in Ealing, or Korean in southwest London or Lithuanian in the east along the Thames. With London changing so frequently, especially with the increase in housing prices and the changes in immigration policy, I wonder what the map would look like in a few years?

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