Protect Brick Lane

Taken from Wikipedia

If you are a Londoner or have ever paid a visit to Brick Lane, please sign this petition to stop Tower Hamlets from tarmacking Brick Lane for the Olympics. I really hate how the Olympics have provided impetus  for various councils and companies to dismantle parts of London, disrupt people’s lives and create harmful/unnecessary measures that we as taxpayers have to pay for. I dislike this idea of coming together for one sports event whilst entire communities are being harmed and destroyed by forced austerity measures.  I know that protecting Brick Lane is a small thing, but it is indicative of a greater lack of care and respect for areas that are historically (and presently) significant, especially to marginalised communities. Please take a minute of your time to sign the petition. Here is my comment:

The Olympics will only be in London for a finite period, but Brick Lane will still remain once it’s gone.  Homogenising such a historic and important part of London for the Olympics would be a terrible idea. If you want to smarten up Brick Lane, help support more local businesses, organisations and initiatives in order to ensure that it remains a thriving area that fosters creativity and new opportunities for Tower Hamlet residents, Londoners and tourists. Please respect an important part of London heritage and leave Brick Lane alone.

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