Tips for travelers and expats

1. Do not eat biscuits right before going to bed, your stomach will thank you.

2. Always check TFL to make sure that the train/tube is still going to your stop. You can easily waste an hour of your life and lose your mind if you choose to wing it.

3. During the winter, your new best friends are a cup of tea, biscuits and a hot water bottle. Honestly, these things may have saved my life on numerous occasions.

4. Sometimes the best way to continue enjoying London is to leave for a few days.

2 responses to “Tips for travelers and expats

  1. >I have to disagree with you on not consuming biscuits before you go to sleep. THose of you who want to clean the pipes out. I RECOMMEND YOU TO STRONGLY DO THIS!

  2. >It just gave me a horrible stomach ache and sadness.

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